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We are located in Brooklyn, NY but seek to facilitate conversation, awareness of issues and collaboration all throughout North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean Islands regardless of language spoken. ALAPA centers the Black Diaspora from Latin America and the Caribbean region. 

ALAPA is not confined to one country or the concept of a nation-state.


We center the lived experiences of Afro-Latinos everywhere. We start from the position that change begins with us raising our voices and organizing our community to hold accountable all structures, institutions, and practices that are in place to deny the rights of Black and Latinos. We must target and dismantle through our own efforts in a relationship and in solidarity with allied organizations and individuals.  


The origin of the Afro Latino Association for Policy and Advocacy (ALAPA) stems from the need for Black and Latino communities to get additional support and resources in addition to the need for cultural acknowledgment of Afro-Latino culture. From Africa to Latin America and the United States there are plenty of cultural conversations about the intersection of culture and research of Afro-Latino's in a time where most cultural acknowledgments are not taught in schools or in most history books. The need for program creation and cultural education was the reason ALAPA was created and is the foundation for the organization. The growth of programs and cultural education through this foundation of acknowledgment of the Afro-Latino community is necessary for Afro-Latino's as well as the world who stands to be enriched by this opportunity for engagement and building a community of ideas, education, and recognition.


Black Unity in the Caribbean & Americas

ALAPA is a political platform to help unify Afro-Latinos, Black and Latino people from the diaspora and in the Americas/Caribbean. We aim to create and publish a political agenda that centers in racial, and economic justice. 


Racial Justice that Centers Black Liberation

The problems facing Black communities are multiplexed but the solutions to these problems will come from our imagination, our innovation, and experimentation. We have the power to transform our communities, build political power and change the way that power operates—locally, statewide, and nationally.


Migration that Honors People

The diaspora of Afro-Latinos everywhere has seen the disenfranchisement, neglect, abuse, and social and economic disparities that exist. Black migrants regardless of political, social, economic, or cultural migration realities and stories need to be heard, centered, and honored. We all should be guaranteed human rights. We aim to provide a full range of legal aid, services, and assistance to communities including non-citizens and low-income individuals. 

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