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What We Do

We constantly develop services and activities that promote education, empowerment of the Black diaspora in the Americas, respect for human rights, and justice. Learn about what we are doing. If you need more information, have a request to share, or want to collaborate on an event, please send a message to

Our Strategy

We radically believe that solutions for us to be able to curate healing, education, unity, and prosperity in our community, with a racial justice lens are to resolve the deeply rooted conflicts that presently exist. Our strengths can be illustrated through our different programs, which are applicable across these three areas:

Crowd Protesting
Advocacy & Policy

We monitor and lobby for legislation that may increase the quality of life of underrepresented people or defend against attacks on our democracy and livelihood. We serve as the ones that keep our state and local elected officials in check. We advocate for pro-democracy reforms that expand access to the ballot box and ensure every New Yorker has the right to vote in every election. 

Classmates in Library
Organize & Mobilize

We meet people where they are. From the streets to the bodega to the barber shop, we work on building relationships and talk about the issues that are most important to our communities and actions we can take to demand more. For 365 days a year we work to build a base of political and economic power. We provide tools and strategies to take civic action and empower our community to resist, persist, join forces, call, write, petition, assemble and most importantly, vote. 

Election Campaign
Curate & Redefine

We educate Black and Latinx communities about the political process, relevant economic, social, and political issues, and how impending legislation will impact their lives. 

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