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The Arts!

Throughout our history, art has been a driving force in activism, rebellion, protest, joy, liberation and expression. The Arts! is not bound by a singular form but is shown through paintings, spoken word, drawings, music, books/writings, dancing, instruments, sculptures, murals, theater, films and can all convey a message of black pride and resilience. Our arts programs seek to provide a creative pathway for marginalized youth, formerly incarcerated, low-income families, seniors, and other marginalized groups. 


Our digital platform, Caribbean Conversations has a viewing network in New York City, Jamaica, Panama, and Barbados. Since starting our organization, we’ve created a social media outreach of more than 2000 followers and a monthly social media reach of over 200,000 people. We seek to educate people about Afro-Latino’s while providing programs and services which offer advocacy for public policies that increase opportunities for people of color. We are looking to expand this into a podcast and Youtube series that will include members being able to speak on a number of topics in a multi-faceted, multi-generational approach. 

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