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Mutual Aid 

We believe that providing resources in most needing communities is voluntary, reciprocal, and not based on who is deserving/not deserving. We are provider-centered which allows those who are in need- to be able to educate us on what resources they need most. Resources/aid given has no strings, stipulations, or caveats attached. ALAPA believes that giving is an entry point to solidarity as well as a site of political education, advocacy, and mutual growth for all folks involved. 


In New York City, 2 in 5 families have to choose between buying groceries and paying for rent, transportation, or utilities. We hope to creatively transform what it means to give/provide. We envision a future that brings people together to not only support one another but acknowledge our unity and need for collaboration. Our giving is oriented towards the ability to create nourishing connections to uplift one another. 

Hunger looks like all of us:

  • Hunger is a new immigrant family without a social support network.

  • Hunger is a senior citizen who does not receive enough Social Security benefits. 

  • Hunger is a college student who doesn’t have enough money to last the whole semester.

  • Hunger is a single parent with a good job, but whose paycheck goes mostly to rent.


We have provided over 1,000 meals yearly throughout Queens and Brooklyn areas where Black and Latinos communities are most likely to receive zero assistance. 

We have conducted or provided resources for other service-oriented events including but not limited to:

  • Back to School Drive

  • Canned Food Drive

  • Toy Drive 

  • Coat and Winter Drives 

  • Support Community Fridges

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