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The Afro-Latino Association for Policy and Advocacy is dedicated to serving the Black and Latino community and ensuring that we are advocating around issues and reforms that increases our quality of life. We meet people where they are. From the streets to the bodega to the barbershop, we work on building relationships and talk about the issues that are most important to our communities and actions we can take to demand more.


At ALAPA, we know that our diversity is what makes us powerful and unique. We are committed to building a transformative culture throughout the organization that embraces a diversity of voices, experiences, and backgrounds, that is actively anti-bias. 


Join us on our mission of discovery, enlightenment, education, and partnership in participating in our upcoming programs and initiatives. I look forward to working with you as we enter a  new age of collaboration and cohesive respect to identify our vast challenges and unified solutions. 

Job Opportunities
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