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Education is key. Our rich Afro- Latino history is not part of our youth’s curriculum, let alone acknowledged. We aim to teach communities about our racial and cultural identity, our contribution to society, and the milestones we have accomplished. We advocate for integrating culturally-relevant education across the curriculum and at all educational levels. Providing the tools of knowledge of Black and Latino history is a form of resistance. 


We serve to educate the local and broader communities of the existence of Afro-Latinos and the influence that the African Diaspora has had and continues to have on the Latin cultures around the world. Our emphasis is on academia, self-awareness, social acceptance and tolerance, character building, leadership development, and cultural and artistic enrichment. 


Afro-Latinos face a unique reality against racial and ethnic discrimination. The Afro-Latino experience directly affects us from childhood and undergoing identity crisis, detachment from their heritage and culture, and having a curated safe space. We are committed to building and strengthening relationships among Afro-Latinos, and with other communities of color. Afro-Latinos are in “Black” and “Latino” tables —we are BOTH.

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