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COVID Pandemic Taskforce 

The Coronavirus Action Program (CAP) is a remarkable program that focused on the purchase and delivery of masks, gloves, food, and more to support community residents. Residents have received supplies to help reduce the risks of infections. 


ALAPA works to supply equipment to workers on the frontlines. We increased the overall safety of the most at-risk people in the fight against the coronavirus: the poor/working class and frontline workers in healthcare. This multi-layered approach,  simultaneously reduced the infection rate of residents while working to transform our city to normalcy which can take some time.


Black and Latino communities in these counties in New York City have been the hardest hit by the coronavirus. The poor communities in these counties represent the poorest communities in the state and more than 70% of all infections in New York City. We have been meeting people where they are and at the heart of the coronavirus and work to provide necessary resources to rid the coronavirus from these areas. The program for many people who have lost their jobs to get food, those who are at risk of the coronavirus to get masks, and those who are on the frontlines fighting the coronavirus in hospitals and nursing homes to get supplies from our nonprofit. 


Our goal is to be on the frontlines helping communities in great need while improving the health and well-being of those on the frontlines and community residents in at-risk neighborhoods. In this multi-layered approach, we will simultaneously work to improve the lives of residents while supplying leaders in the frontlines to safely care for patients.

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