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Community Organizing 

Community organizing has been used by social movements, labor unions, under-represented communities, and marginalized groups to gain rights, win collective political power, and create positive change. We aim to create unity (and solidarity), help communities work together to solve problems and reach shared goals. This is one of the most powerful strategies in the world for social change. 


We aim to be a space where community members can collectively organize their power and voice to create a harmonious environment for ALL members of the community. ALAPA is rooted in the belief that communities can become empowered once provided political education and the ability to make their own demands. When Black and Latino communities organize effectively around a particular cause or issue, we can become a powerful force.


The best, most effective organizing is when we are able to put the community and mission we are serving first, and are powered by love and positivity while doing the work. We acknowledge the power structures we are working to change or reform, how they work, and how power is distributed. We represent and advocate for the voice of those who have not been centered in the process that continues to affect their lives the most and at disproportionate rates. 

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